When Perfect Girl Found Her True Love In A Little Person And Their Wedding Was Absolutely Touching!
Elo and Mara, a beautiful couple who uttered one of the most beautiful vows I’ve heard in my life.
Bound by Beauty

No one can ever perfectly define what love is. Some say it’s all about acceptance, while others say that love is something that blossoms with no prerequisites, no conditions and no other further explanations.

We just feel it; it just naturally occurs.
While most people look on the outside to find their perfect match, not all are like that.

Because one thing is certain: love is not selfish and it can only be realized in couples who see past beyond the imperfections and continue to look forward to a life together despite the hardships.

Meet Elo and Mara, the epitome of true love. Mara is the too-beautiful, too-perfect type of dream girl that all men wish to pursue. Elo is a little person, who feels he is imperfect. But fate brought them together.
They end up marrying each other in a solemn and very touching ceremony, where they exchanged the most beautiful vows we’ve ever heard.
Photo credit: Jason Magbanua
Elo said: “You know, I had a lot of questions for God. Why? Why me? I didn’t get the answers then, but now that you’re in front of me, I realize that you are the answer to all of my questions… to all my prayers… and much, much more. Who would have known that an imperfect Elo, would be chosen by a perfect Mara. Thank you Lord.”
In her vow for Elo, Mara admits that she’s imperfect as well.
Photo credit: Jason Magbanua
Mara said: “I will love you, forever as the day more. Nothing is more important for me than our love for each other. And I feel so blessed and grateful, that you loved me despite my imperfections, always seeing the gold in me even if I reflect silver. I believe I’m the helpmate God’s design especially for you. And I promise to be the arms that you need to reach your star, and the legs that you need to take too big steps. My arms and legs are made to be the extension of yours.”
The sobs and cries did not end after the church ceremony as the wedding reception was another event filled with tears of joy and heartfelt emotions.
Photo credit: Jason Magbanua
Their parents were with them through their journey and we must say both Elo and Mara look like they have very supportive and loving parents.
Truly, Elo and Mara’s love story is one inspiring testament to how great and true love can be.
Photo credit: Jason Magbanua
Elo and Mara are so blessed that they were already given their little sunshine: Liam, a healthy baby boy.
Photo credit: A Dash of Jamie
What a lovely couple!
Watch their wedding video here:

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